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Custom In Mold Decorated Bezel for an Automotive Shift System

This Automatic Shift System Bezel utilized back-lit appliques of the "PRNDL" mechanism for the specific vehicle. Two separate versions of the part were in production to implement the multiple options of the vehicle's interior. 6-axis articulating robots were used in manufacturing the part to reduce labor, as well as increase productivity and efficiency.

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Shift System Bezel Details and Highlights

Product Description
Automatic Shift System Bezel utilizing back-lit appliques of the "PRNDL" mechanism for the specific vehicle.
Injection Molding Capabilities & Applied / Processes
Tooling Design
Precision Injection
In Mold Appliques
Custom Automation
In mold decorating
  • Back Molded the Applique to Form the Surface of the Part
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
300 ton Engel
6-Axis Articulating Robot for part insertion and removal
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 210mm
Height: 66.24mm
Tightest Tolerances
Profile of .4mm
True Position of .13mm
Material Used
Material Finish
Medium Satin Nickel & Metallic Black
In process testing / inspection performed
Back light inspection in car's position to test for light leaks
Industry for Use
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Polycarbonate Automotive Shifter Bezel (PRNDL)

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