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Insert Molded Automotive Sensor

Fabrik Molded Plastics can provide a variety of injection molding processes that allow us to create custom parts for various uses. The project shown here, an electrical sensor used for an automotive application, was created using insert injection molding. The sensor, made of PTFE is part of a safety system and required a high level of quality control, not only for the safety features but for final assembly as well.

Utilizing our 85 ton vertical injection molding machine, the sensor housing was formed with terminals and an overmolded magnet. We provided 100% part inspections which included continuity and hi-pot testing, as well as terminal location tests.

For more information on this custom insert injection molded project see the table below contact us to discuss your next project.

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Insert Molded Automotive Sensor Details and Highlights

Product Description
This PTFE sensor housing is used with a(n) auto application.
Injection Molding Capabilities & Applied / Processes
Tool Design
Insert Injection Molding
  • sensor Housing w/ Terminals and overmolded magnet
100% Electrical Test
  • Continuity and Hi-Pot tests
  • Testing for Terminal Locations
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
85 ton Engel - Vertical Injection
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 60.25mm
Width: 13.5mm
Height: 17.7mm
Length: 19.22mm
Width: 8.38mm
Thickness: .03mm
Tightest Tolerances
True Position of .1mm
Material Used
Material Finish
In process testing / inspection performed
Vision Inspection for Proper Placement of Terminals and Magnets, 100% electrical test (Continuity and Hi-Pot Tests)
Industry for Use
Automotive Safety
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
PTFE Electrical Housing with Over Molded Magnet and Terminals

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