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Quality Systems at Fabrik Molded Plastics

There has never been a time when the manufacturing world has been more quality conscious. Feeling the pressures of consumer quality demand and world-wide competition, it is Fabrïk Molded Plastics' goal to meet and exceed all standards for quality acceptance. It is our goal to provide products with 100% on-time delivery and zero defects.

Our quality systems are ISO/IATF 16949 certified and fully supported by SPC and SQC in the production environment. New programs are supported by our in-house, certified quality laboratory where metrologist utilize Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), vision inspection and other sophisticated techniques to prove initial and ongoing capability and provide data that can be customized to each customer's individual needs while complying with Fabrïk's own criteria.

Fabrik ensures the highest level of quality through the use of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), FMEA, and various error proofing methods.

PDF IATF 16949 (PDF - 513KB)

PDF MedACCred  (PDF - 144KB)

PDF Quality Policy (PDF - 287KB)

Quality Assurance Equipment

  • Brown & Sharpe Global Image 574 Direct Computer Controlled Coordinate Measure Machine (CMM), with Wolf & Beck OTM3 Laser Scanning Sensor.
  • PC-DMIS Graphics Measurement Sofware with CAD Interface.
  • MicroVu Excel 502 HC video measuring system with InSpec Software
  • Nikon Veritas CNC Video Measuring System model #VM-150, Quadra Check 5300 programmable 3D software with CAD import/export interface. Automatic data transfer to window based programs such as Microsoft Excel. Qualstar 3D profiling software.
  • Jones & Lamson 30-inch optical comparator with quadra check 2000 microprocessor.
  • Mitutoyo drop gages, pin gages, micrometers, calipers, digimatic data logger, data transmitter.
  • Digital height gage.
  • PQ Systems SQC Pack for Windows Statistical Software with SQC image advance charting software (Analyzing Variable, Attribute, and Pareto data).
  • PQ Systems Gagepac for gage calibration software.
  • Ohaus G4400 scale with 0.01 gr. resolution.
  • Digital force gage with 0-100 x 0.1 lb. range.
  • Hoffman SAE-010A Automated Reflectometer (Photometric Measurement)

*We at Fabrik can customize any quality check and measurement to each specific part. We also will work with one of our partnered labs if we require the use of equipment not located within our facility.

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