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Industrial CT Scanning Services

CT MachineCT scanning is a non-destructive metrology approach that offers a precise, time saving, and cost-effective approach to your metrology needs. This highly accurate comprehensive solution allows Fabrik to precisely measure and validate individual parts and assemblies in a fraction of the time of traditional metrology methods.

Fabrik’s Zeiss Metrotom 800 rapidly captures highly accurate 3D images of all external and internal component and assembly features, without the expense of custom fixtures.

Capabilities and Advantages Include:

  • Validating fit and function of individual parts and assemblies
  • First Article Inspection – reduced time to complete measurements
  • Qualify production molds faster by reducing measurement time
  • Measure, analyze, and inspect internal structures and hidden defects.
  • Quickly compare the nominal CAD model to component scans (Color Map)
  • Compare scans of different cavities (part to part comparison)
  • Wall Thickness and Surface Roughness analysis
  • Analyze components and assemblies for defect and void
  • Assembly analysis for fit, function and part joining techniques
  • Reverse Engineering


Types of Analysis

Internal Geometry Inspection & Measurement
Assembly Fit and Function Analysis
CAD to Part Comparison
Dimensional Analysis Color Map and Void Analysis
First Article Inspection
First Article Inspection Report