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Automotive Lighting and Lenses

Custom Taillights and headlights at Fabrik Molded Plastics.Fabrik Molded Plastics offers a variety of interior and exterior molded components to the automotive lighting market. Fabrik’s high-quality standards and knowledge of lens-grade materials have made us a top supplier to the forward, signal, and rear lighting markets.

We currently supply standard, reflex, and LED-style lenses to multiple automotive customers. Our lens molding capabilities include both polycarbonate and acrylic type lenses, molded in clear, amber, and red. Fabrik has developed specific and dedicated lens manufacturing cells with parts utilizing automation to eliminate all defects related to contamination and handling. Our full-service lens manufacturing includes all in-house photometric testing and protocols via our Hoffman SAE-010 Reflectometer system.

How Injection Molding Applies to Automotive Manufacturing

The process of plastic injection molding is highly important in the automotive industry where consistency, safety, and quality are an important part of accident prevention. Established molds for signal lights, interior lights, and other automotive lights and lenses are injected with molten plastic and allowed to cool and harden. Once the plastic is set, the manufacturer extracts the product and inspects it for quality before passing it on to clients.

The challenge of the plastic injection molding process for automotive and other industries is in creating a reliable, well-designed mold. Poorly designed molds can result in defects and cause errors when used in assembly. Each mold is checked for integrity and quality before manufacturing begins to try to prevent such occurrences.

Injection Molding for Automotive Lighting

Injection plastic molding is capable of producing precise, highly repeatable components, making it an ideal manufacturing method for lighting lenses, covers, and housings on an automobile. Both interior and exterior lighting uses this manufacturing method to create high-quality, high-finish lighting that is complementary to the designer’s vision and the finish of the vehicle.

Automotive Lighting and LensesAutomotive injection molding is used to create:

  • Brake lights
  • Dome lights
  • Fog lights
  • Headlights
  • High-mount stop lights
  • Instrumentation lights
  • Reflectors
  • Reverse lights
  • Side markers
  • Taillights
  • Turn signals (indicator)
  • And any other interior or exterior lighting included in the designs

Newer vehicles have distinctive designs for lighting like light pipes, light bars, and thicker multi-layer lenses which require a unique mold to make the product. Plastic injection molding works well with these innovative designs and can quickly be set up to manufacture high or low quantities as desired.

Advantages of Injection Molding for Automotive Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding has a great advantage in automotive lighting manufacturing due to the mold’s ability to repeatedly create nearly identical components with extreme precision, reliability, and a high-quality surface finish. We can create prototypes for contemporary designs quickly with rapid tooling procedures and then scale to process at high or low quantities at an accommodating price. Plastic materials are widely available and can easily be customized into assorted colors.

Why Work With Fabrik Molded Plastics, Inc.

Fabrik Molded Plastics, Inc. is committed to supplying only the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing, and precise components to our clients. Our quality assurance team is rigorous in supporting the industry’s production part approval process (PPAP). Compliance with this process ensures reliability and consistency throughout the parts we manufacture.

Our automotive plastic injection molding process is capable of designing, tooling, and injecting molds quickly. Interior and exterior lighting molds are produced with the utmost care and diligence. Even new lighting molds are accommodated without difficulty.

Contact Fabrik Molded Plastics

In addition to our lens-making capability, a combination of insert molded switches, lenses, and backlit in-mold appliqués are supplied for interior applications. Innovative designs and existing plastic molding manufacturing runs can be set up quickly and our facilities are capable of high production or low production runs to fit your needs. Contact Fabrik Molded Plastics, Inc. to discuss your needs with the experts in plastic injection molding or request a quote for your product today.

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Automotive Lighting and Lenses Specifications

Automotive Lighting Products

Interior and Exterior Polycarbonate and Acrylic
Standard Lenses
Reflex Lenses
LED Lighting

High Temperature Bulb Housing
Fog Lamps
Bezels and Housings


Hoffman SAE-010 Reflectometer system
Horizontal Presses from 60 – 600 Tons

Vertical Clamp Injection
Rotary Table Presses from 55 – 300 Tons

Secondary Processes

Photometric Testing
Custom Decorating

Ultrasonic Welding
Part Assembly


2D & 3D Part and Tool Design


Design for Manufacturability
Resin Selection Assistance

Moldflow Analysis


ISO/TS 16949
ISO 9001

FDA & UL Registered