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Injection Molding Technical Services

Technical Support

Fabrik Molded Plastics’ cross functional project management team focuses on each project from design and development through part approval and production. During the quotation process, we make certain we understand all the intricacies of the design concept as it relates to our technologies and capabilities. When all related information has been evaluated, the most cost effective proposal with the best engineering approach is provided. A very important step in the successful production of any product is the necessity of proper design for manufacturing. This understanding must adopt good engineering practices for part design, tool design, and the respective integration of equipment to produce the final product. Fabrik’s goal is to meet and exceed your standards for quality molded plastic components, and to continually work toward improvements in an ever changing world of manufacturing.

Mold Flow


The first crucial step in the DFM process in any product is the design of both the product and the tooling. A thorough understanding and integration of all aspects of the manufacturing process are necessary to create a product that not only customer specifications, but can also be produced as efficiently as possible.

Fabrik utilizes the most current 3D CAD and tool manufacturing techniques. At the beginning of the part and mold design process, our experienced cross funtional teams utilize mold flow analysis to simulate flow, analyze gate location, optimize cooling and validate part and tool design. The evaluation of part design and manufacturability eliminates additional costs and time delays when problems are discovered during production.

Our current analysis software include ProE and AutoCad. We can also support the following CAD software programs: I-DEAS, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, Catia, Parasolid, STEP, and IGES.

Autodesk Moldflow Insight is a comprehensive suite of software tools for simulating, analyzing, optimizing, and validating plastics part and mold designs. Powerful and easy to use, Moldflow Insight offers a state-of-the-art solution that can be used by top manufacturers in the automotive, medical, consumer, electronics and many other industries.

Fabrik actively utilizes the flow, co-injection, design of experiments, cool, warp and shrink modules as a predictive analysis resource prior to tool construction. This analysis process optimizes part geometry and supports a successful tool build.

Tooling Services

Housed within Fabrik Molded Plastics’ 120,000 square-foot facility, the Fabrik tooling department offers prototype and production injection molds, with all maintenance and tool changes completed on site.

Fabrik’s tooling department includes specialized mold makers, each with their own unique abilities and passion for work and use the most modern design and mold-making equipment available. Our tooling specialists utilize extensive resources to create new mold designs, provide solutions for tooling endeavors, and complement any and all of our internal needs.

We never overlook the importance of tooling in the process of creating the best products. Our investment in our own mold making capabilities, and close association with other domestic and offshore mold making facilities, gives us the latitude needed to insure the correct design and tooling approach for each customer application.

With the use of IQMS, our tool preventative maintenance program is a driving factor in the reduction of production downtime, reduction in reject occurrences and longer tool life.


Engineering, Tooling and Mold Design Capabilities

General Capabilities

Design for Manufacturability
CAD Modeling

  • 2D & 3D Part and Tool Design

Mold Flow Analysis
Engineering Changes

Tool History Documentation
Technical Support
Reverse engineering
Design – part and tool design
Reverse engineer
Build & Outsource offshore
Mold Flow
Production & Prototype

Mold Types

Plastic Injection Molds
Insert Molds
Hot Runner Molds

Lens molds


Metrology Fixtures
In-House Automation

Press Size

Up to 600 tons



Typical Lead Times Available

4 to 12 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Health Care


Intended Applications

Under Hood
Automotive Lighting
Medical Components

Appliance Controls
Handheld Electronics
Closures / Packaging

Industry Standards

ISO/TS 16949:2002
ISO 9001:2000



Lights Out Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing

File Formats