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Reshoring & Tooling Transfers

Tooling Transfer Solutions at Fabrik

Tool Transfers for Injection Molding & Insert Molding

Fabrik Molded Plastics
offers its expertise in seamless tooling transfers for projects transitioning from other manufacturing companies around the world. Our skilled team is backed by an advanced in-house toolroom and experienced engineers able to analyze and evaluate any type of molded tool or part.

Fabrik also offers CT Scanning Services for any transfer project that may require expedited dimensional validation or reverse engineering of existing products.

Our comprehensive process begins with a meticulous assessment of the current components and tooling conditions. The Fabrik team will evaluate the existing molded products and related tooling. Once the evaluation is complete, we will deliver all necessary recommendations and execute the required repairs and corrections to optimize the mold for sampling and re-qualification.

Throughout the tooling transfer journey, our dedicated program manager will provide detailed written updates on repairs, product sampling, inspection, and manufacturing logistics. We recognize the significance of transparent communication in ensuring a smooth transition for your project.

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Reshoring Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Fabrik is proud to take part in and implement reshoring projects to help you achieve the benefits of domestic sourcing. With the increase in costs and time needed to start or continue production overseas, many customers are turning to Fabrik as their reshoring partner to help minimize risk and maximize availability.

Contact us to get your reshoring project started.

What is Reshoring?

Reshoring is the practice of transferring product sourcing or entire business operations that have been operating overseas back to their original country. In this case, it is the transferring of injection or insert molding tools and components back to the United States.

Reshoring is also commonly known as onshoring, inshoring, or backshoring.

What are the Benefits of Reshoring?

For Your Company:

  • Shorter & Lower Risk Supply Chain
  • Eliminate Geopolitical Risk
  • Improved Product Quality and Standards
  • Closer to You and Your Customers
  • Shorter Lead Times: JIT / Less Inventory, Less Chance of Stocking Out
  • Ease of Communication in the Same Language and Time Zone
  • Quick Access for Eventual Repairs
  • Duty, Freight, and Tariffs
  • No Emergency Air Freight
  • Much Less Intellectual Property Risk
  • Parts are Made In USA

For the Country:

  • Creates Additional Jobs
  • Stronger Industrial Base
  • Emissions Reduced about 25%


Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] Calculation

The Reshoring Initiative has a free online estimator for total cost of ownership. The TCO Estimator is a free online tool that allows you to enter your unique data and receive a full analysis with 30 cost variables considered (including many of the factors listed above) and a five-year forecast.  The Reshoring Initiative’s TCO user data shows that 20 – 30% of products now imported, even from low labor cost countries such as China, are more profitably sourced here.

Click here to view The Reshore Initiative’s Total Cost of Ownership Estimator® Fabrik is prepared to help you use the Estimator.

Reshoring or Transferring a Tool to Fabrik | How It Works:

  1.  Contact us at 815-385-9480 or
  2.  You’ll work with a designated engineer to discuss your project, view the designs, timelines, and answer any questions you have.
  3.  Transfer Molds are either sent to Fabrik for analysis, or in some cases we will travel to your designated location for review.
  4.  Molds are inspected in our in-house toolroom, and the condition of the mold is determined with recommendations on repairs and maintenance.
  5.  Mold is finished with the necessary repairs.
  6.  The transfer mold is sampled.
  7.  Initial samples are inspected in our in-house metrology lab.
  8.  Once initial samples are inspected and discussed, final corrections will be made.
  9.  Final dimensional information is supplied with AIAG level 3 PPAP documents
  10.  Once dimensional information is approved, the product is ready for production.

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