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Reshoring & Tooling Transfers

Tooling Transfer Solutions at Fabrik

Fabrik Molded Plastics has the full capability and experience to evaluate and accept any tooling transfer project you may have. With our in-house toolroom and professional engineers, we will review the current tool function and condition.  After initial review is completed, Fabrïk will perform the necessary repairs and corrections to prepare the mold for sampling and requalification.

A Fabrïk program manager will provide written status updates of repairs, product sampling, inspection, and manufacturing logistics, throughout the transfer process.

Our goal is to be as flexible and cost efficient with your transfer, while maintaining our quality of work standards, to ensure your project is on time.

Transferring a Tool to Fabrik:

  1. Contact us at 815-385-9480 to discuss the initial transfer process and we will answer any questions you may have.
  2. You will work with a designated engineer to view the design and determine a timeline that is feasible for you to continue your normal schedule.
  3. Transfer Molds are sent to Fabrïk or we will travel to your designated location for review.
  4. Molds are inspected in our in-house toolroom, and the condition of the mold is determined with recommendations on repairs and maintenance.
  5. Mold is finished with the necessary repairs.
  6. The transfer mold is sampled.
  7. Initial samples are inspected in our in-house metrology lab.
  8. Once initial samples are inspected and discussed, final corrections will be made.
  9. Final dimensional information is supplied with AIAG level 3 PPAP documents
  10. Once dimensional information is approved, product is ready for production.

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